Nice Room, Really Poor Service A review of St Julien Hotel and Spa

This hotel has a nice building, wonderful rooms and great location. However, the service is terrible. Very unprofessional, very unpolished. It seems to me that they only hire college kids that have no prior experience, and do not need the job too badly. Manager does not arrive to work until after 8:00 am.

Ordered breakfast at 6:30, it took over 1 hour to receive it after receiving somebody elses breakfast that was cold. Finaly got almost everything, in bits and peices, but in the end cold becuase of waiting, and would have been sent back at a Denny's. Low quality stale bread used for toast.

Spa closes at 7:00 so do not plan to use the Sauna after your long drive.

I cannnot complain about the room. I would not complain about anything if this were not a $300 a night room!

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St Julien Hotel and Spa
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