Nice Room - Lousy Show A review of MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa

We stayed at Caesars Tahoe recently on a $79 rate with 2 show tickets included. The room was very nice, King with Jacuzzi tub-great view (as requested) overlooking Lake Tahoe. As for the show - Passion Extreme - it was awful. Advertised as "70 minutes of music and dance", it was 10 minutes of motorcycle stuntriders, about 30 minutes of song & dance, and 30 minutes of stand up so-called comedy. The comedian couldn't speak without constant profanity, and his main "funny" story was about his experiences having SEX WITH DEER in Wisconsin. This was the most tasteless comedy routine I'd ever heard, and I usually love stand up comedians. Others in the audience seemed equally unhappy, and the showroom was only about 1/4 full, most of them on free tickets. Don't waste your time attending this show.

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