Nice quiet weekend place A review of Hilton President Kansas City

Stayed at the President memorial day weekend. Lovely hotel...recently renovated and it shows. We chose an executive suite, 13th floor, $369 for the night. We purposly avoided the plaza hotels because they seem expensive and shabby, plus we wanted peace and quiet but a bit of luxury (or as much lux as you can find in KC!)

Good things that stood out:

1. Nice and quiet on the weekend. I imagine its busy during the week with business people

2. Exceptionally clean, well decorated room (almost brand new renovation recently). Gorgous foyer etc. Tasteful decoration in the rooms.

3. Good service. No wait to check in, door man/valet guy was busy but attended to us quickly. We have a high end Porsche and he kept it parked under the security camera outside overnight rather than in the garage.

4. Room service was prompt, food suprisingly good, but as always expensive.

5. Two in the bedroom, the other in the sitting room.

6. Bed was super comfy..large, soft and inviting.

Not so good things that stood out:

1. The exec suite windows are TINY!!! And I really mean small. The counter clerk informed us she was giving us the exec room with the best view. We got all psyched up and were expecting something special as she had specifically mentioned a great view. The windows were actually 24" by 24" about 6 feet up. I am not kidding. There were two of them. My wife and I joked about it being like a prison cell. I didn't get a chance to ask about this but it seems all the exec suites are on the 13th floor, and all the windows are like this. The lower level rooms have more "normal" sized windows. This was dissapointing...but more a factor in the original design of the hotel and not much could be done about it during the renovation. I'd recommend a lower floor junior suite for a lot less money and more daylight before the exec suite.

2. No coffee or mini fridge in the room. Kind of weird, but sometimes I like to blow $10 on a bag of peanuts!

3. Its a hike down to the plaza..not really a negative for us, but just so you know. Its about a 15 min drive and you go thru some very dodgy neighborhoods!

Overall, I'd recommend to folks looking for quiet of the weekend, or certainly for business folks doing work downtown during the week. Its exactly what we wanted. I would not recommend the executive suite...just go for the much cheaper junior exec suite for half the price.

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