Nice place! A review of Comfort Suites North Bergen

We planned a 2 day trip to NYC right before Christmas and researched a lot of hotels. We picked this place because of a good price and a free breakfast. We stayed 2 nights during the week and there didn't seem to be many other people staying in the hotel. I was worried about the security of my vehicle because it looks like a kind of shadey area, but the parking lot is well lit and we parked right outside the lobby. My favorite part of the hotel is the great sugar cookies they had sitting at the front desk 24 hours a day. Everytime we'd walk by I'd grab one. The breakfast was pretty good...I was disappointed because there weren't any warm items like eggs or meat. There was pastries, fruit, cereal, milk, apple and orange juice, and you could make your own belgan waffles (my husband said they were very good). The hotel room was very clean. The staff helped us as much as they could- I wish they would have had a brochure with a map of NYC though. The was a restaurant right next to the hotel (steakhouse I think) and a few fast food joints (Taco Bell and Wendy's are the ones I can remember) within 1/4 mile of the hotel. To get to NYC we drove to a Park and Ride which was really close and easy to get to. Then we waited a few minutes for a bus (they come every 30 minutes) that took us to the Port Authority in NYC. We could walk just about anywhere from there. Getting back from the Park and Ride was very challenging though. Ask the front desk for a slip of paper with directions. The only thing I can complain about was the maids talked very loud and played music in the hallway in the morning. Like others have said, the area is pretty confusing and irritating to get around in, but I think the hotel was worth it.

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