Nice place if you can get it cheap A review of Astor on the Park

This hotel is just average. We paid $200 a night because we went during high season in NY and everything else was already booked.

Our room was tiny (which you should expect in NYC for any decent location where you are paying less than $300 a night). The room was clean, but seemed unfinished. The was an open electrical box in the ceiling. The TV only gets channels with infomercials or spanish language programming. Our view was of the room opposite ours. The elevator was fine going up from the lobby, but could not be called from the fourth floor to go down. The stairs were narrow and difficult to navigate. Not to mention, several of the marble steps were broken, unstable, or covered in unsecured plywood.

Overall, if you stay here, make sure to book ahead of time. Had we paid less for the room, I probably would have felt it was a better value. Overall, I think the location is great, I'd just prefer to stay somewhere with more value for my money next time.

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