Nice place but wheres the customer service? A review of Avila Village Inn

I live in New York and travel all over the world and stay at many different hotels... never have i had such an unwelcomed feeling during my stay. When we arrived the girl at the desk (who happened to be the general manager) was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt and was on what seemed to be a personal phone call. After waiting around for about five minutes I was greeted with an unapolagetic "Hey what yah need?" That was the least of my concerns. The carpet was not vaccumed their was dust and dirt on every piece of furniture that I came into contact with, the public restrooms had feces flung across the toilet and the floor was unkept and very dirty. A little later that evening when I called the desk for assistance with my television I let the phone ring for TEN minutes before going down to the front desk where I continued to wait for 15 minutes. After no one came I went upstairs to the bar and asked the bartender if there was someone who could help me when I was told that he didnt know where the receptionist was. I went back downstairs and continued to wait when a young girl finally came out of one of the rooms and walked up to the desk I smelled a very distint smell of marijuana on her and asked for assistance with my television she very rudely asked me if i was"Doing it right?" The next morning I recieved a decent breakfast delivered to my room but when I asked the girl where I could get silverware she told me that she would have someone send it as soon as she could. After waiting 45 minutes I asked again and the same girl from the night before laughed and said oops! The last straw was when I found a ladies brazierre underneath the chair in our room. I was outraged by thier levels of cleanliness. For such a nice property perhaps they should make it a point to keep things up. Needless to say a nice hotel is a big part of enjoying your stay but the overall feel of the staffing was very unproffesional and unhelpful... Oh and by the way the website is a bit misleading. The hotel is located about 15 minutes from the beach. And the so-called creekside rooms look over a dingy brook where people can walk by and look right into your room. I would not suggest this property to others. Beware!!!

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