Nice, new hotel. No pool yet! A review of Falcon Ridge Hotel

My husband and I stayed here for one night on our way to southern CA. The hotel is so new that it's not quite finished yet--i.e., no pool or hot tub. But if you want to swim you can use the pool at the Casa Blanca for free, which I hear is nice, but we were too tired to drive there to use it. The exercise room is sparse...but again, it's still being put together. There were three or four cardio machines (treadmill, bike, stair stepper, I think) and a set of free weights. There were three TVs on the floor, apparently just pulled out of the boxes, but were not installed yet, so I read a book while I walked the treadmill. The exercise room is two stories, which gives it a nice spacious feel. There are large windows in the room--which I hope they eventually put curtains or blinds on. It's awkward because everyone who walks by can see you sweating it out and stare.

The newness of the hotel is nice. The towels are still fluffy and soft, since they haven't been washed many times yet. But, as you can tell, this hotel will be much nicer once it's finished.

The continental breakfast offered hot bacon, sausage patty, and eggs if you ordered it at the breakfast counter. Other items included bagels, cereal, OJ, one type of pastry/donut thing...regular fare like that.

We paid $55 for a Friday-night stay via I think the normal Friday night rates are about $80+. For our purposes, the hotel was fine and we'd go again. Just keep in mind that if you have kids who want to swim, and you don't feel like driving them to Casa Blanca, call first to see if the pool is built yet.

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