Nice, New and Clean A review of Marriott Waterfront Seattle

We were at this hotel for the first 2 nights (24th & 25th August 2003) of our vacation touring round the U.S.A. and Canada and what a great start it was. The hotel was brand new and everything was sparkling clean from the entrance & lobby, right through the elevator and up to the room. Our room on the Executive floor was not exactly huge but was very clean and comfortable and had a lovely waterfront view. The bathroom was bright (important for those of us who need to apply make-up) and clean with a decent range of products. Although most rooms have a balcony we did not, so it's probably worth specifying if you particularly want one. Larry, the valet who took us up to our room was polite, friendly and helpful. When we explained that we only had one full day in Seattle for sightseeing, he told us the "not to be missed" sights and how to get to them. Although it lasts one and a half hours, we took his recommendation and went on the excellent "Underground Tour". It was good fun and we're really glad we took the time to do it.

A slight word of warning though. A railway line runs at the back of the hotel and although we were not disturbed by the noise or the vibration (possibly because we were on the next to highest floor), it might be a point worth noting. Walking in to the centre of Seattle from the hotel involves taking a lift (or steps) and then you have to walk under the fly-over for the highway. This was fine during daylight when the streets were quite busy but we felt a little uneasy when we returned from dinner around 10.30 pm, as the area was quiet and in places quite dark. Would, therefore, recommend a taxi at night.

Overall, a nice clean hotel with great views and a lovely swimming pool that regrettably we did not have the time to use.

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