Nice location, room - No Customer Service A review of Millennium Hotel St. Louis

My husband and I go down to the Fair St. Louis every year for the 4th of July and usually stay at the Emabassy Suites at LaClede's Landing. This time we decided to be closer to the action and treat our selves to a little nicer hotel. WRONG Arrival was like going into war zone - no traffic control and having to park across the street is a disaster - My suggestion they need to have a traffic light, traffic police for valet to park for you ! They took a debit card for the deposit without a fuss but they did not want to use it for check in or check out! The 4th Street grill at the busiest time of the day and the busiest downtown time of the year had a full restaraunt but a slack staff. 2 Wait people !!! When I called it to the attention of a manager he seemed less than interested. Room service was much better, quicker and reasonable !!!!! I was willing to pay the delivery and the LARGE add on gratuity. The rooms are small but kept well and the housekeeping staff were happy to oblige on requests for extra towels and coffee. Depending what happens with our bank on the check out with our debit we may go back but only after we write a letter to the manager for the hotel. Dont be in a hurry at this hotel the staff and elevators are all operating a little slow ! Come on 3 elevators for 20 plus floors ???????????? Arch view rooms have a nice view but get up high enough to not hear the traffic right under your window. The room decor is a little stiff and startch

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