Nice location- but service is lacking! A review of Hyatt Regency Sarasota

I have stayed at this property a number of times. It is in the best Sarasota location and has a great view of the water and all the speedboats during events. The Ritz is across the inlet. The pool is one of the best, no doubt. Also, the Boat House restaurant (detached and among all the boats) is very cool.

The problem is with the actual hotel services. For example, room service closes promptly at 10:00, even on weekends. ????? Many, many, many people have complained. Management won't listen. They could not care less because people are still making reservation. One night, I had to actually order a pizza for delivery because it was like 10:10pm and room service was closed. The front desk would not allow it to be delivered. I had to get fully dressed and come down to the lobby. The staff was very rude as well.

Bottom line: great location, great restaurant, great pool.... but poorer management than you may find at the typical Days Inn. If you can deal with the lack of service, this is a good place to stay.

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