Nice Location, but Bad Service Throughout A review of Timberline Lodge

My husband & I stayed in a fireplace room (largest room available) in Dec. 2004. Although the view of Mt. Hood and the surrounding area was lovely, the service was dreadful.

When we first checked in, we were told it would be another hour. That was reasonable, since we arrived early. When we checked back in, we were told it would be another 30 minutes. Still understandable. When we checked in the third time, we were told it would be another 20 minutes. Checked in the fourth time and were told it would be ANOTHER 30 minutes. You guessed it...still not ready after the 30 minutes. We finally walked up to the room ourselves & saw that the employee was finished cleaning, so we went back down to the registration desk & asked for the key. Every time we returned to the registration desk, the employees seems disinterested.

Second, the lodge is known for its historical roots, yet there were no tours running, and the historical documentary was not working in the lobby, nor on the channel stated on our room TV.

The information packet on the lodge left in the room had several interesting tabs, but NO information inside. Lovely leather cover, lots of index tabs, like "restaurants", etc., but no information. Not very helpful.

The fireplace room itself was large enough, with a very nice view of Mt. Hood, but it didn't feel very clean. You have to love historical architecture to appreciate the room or else it may just feel a little grungy for the price ($250 a night).

Lastly, the restaurants....

We ate lunch at the Ram's Head (casual). The price was fine ($8 for a large bowl of soup), but both the white bean chili & the beef stew were far too thick, almost paste-like. The service (again) was poor, with long waits and very little professional enthusiam.

Dinner at the "fancy" restaurant...hmmm...the food was decent, but overpriced. Notice I didn't say the food was great, but decent. Only the Ram's Head was open when we wanted a snack at around 9:30. Not even the Boar bar (can't recall the exact name) was open.


1. Location very pretty & it's close to Portland (1 & 1/2 hour drive).

2. Service bad, bad, bad. Seemed like only youngsters who want a discounted ski ticket work there.

3. Food. Not great, but not horrible.

4. Must appreciate historical architecture or will likely feel room is underpar.

5. Historical documentary/tours unavailable. Isn't that a one of the reasons for staying at this lodge?

6. Go to Bend (Mt. Bachelor) or Whistler'll LOVE it.

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