Nice Hotel A review of Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Spent three nights at Bedford Springs to celebrate our anniversary. The hotel is very beautiful--everything is decorated like Pottery Barn! It's also very relaxing and quiet.

Because the resort it newly opened, there are a lot of customer service details that need to be ironed out--probably due to the lack of hotel experience among the employees, however the staff is very nice and tries to accommodate requests and are apologetic if they can't (or don't know how).

When we checked in (we arrived early) our room was ready, but it took 2 1/2 hours and two phone calls to the front desk to get our luggage delivered to the room. The same was true upon check out; we ended up carrying our own luggage down and it took over 45 minutes to get our car and bikes brought to the front.

The main reason for choosing this resort was because of the abundance of outdoor activities--particularly the hiking and biking trails--and we even brought our own bikes. However, when we asked for help planning our bike ride, we were told that the trails weren't totally ready--not clearly blazed or marked. In fact, they recommended we ride our bikes on the road (a fairly busy two lane road). As a result, we weren't able to hike and bike, which was really disappointing.

Instead, we spent most of our time at the outdoor pool, which was very beautiful and overlooked the golf course. The snack bar, which they advertise on the website, it not open during the week so there are not snacks or drinks available at the pool. The pool area also offers fabulous cabanas, which we used two days in a row and really enjoyed. On the third day, though, the pool attendant told me that we couldn't use the cabanas anymore unless we paid a $35 rental fee! This was not advertised anywhere.

Although we had a good stay overall and certainly enjoyed ourselves, we talked to the manager when we checked out about our disappointment with the outdoor activities, as they are advertised on the web and it the in-room materials. The manager was wonderful and agreed that we were misled. As a result, he credited our account and we only paid for two nights, which I thought was fair.

Overall, this is a nice hotel--and I think it will get better with time and more experience.

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