Nice hotel with a good location A review of Colorado Springs Marriott

I thought this was a nice place to stay. After reading some of the other reviews, I wished I had shopped more on the price. We stayed for $89 per night. We were on the 8th floor and I thought the room was well kept, comfortable, and pretty quiet. We did hear some noise from the hallway, but not too bad. There are always those inconsiderate people who let the doors slam. I wish they would make the doors so that people had to close them themselves or at least post a reminder on the inside to not let the doors slam shut. I thought the views and the location were good. It was close to I25 and if you drove a couple of miles the other direction, at the top of the hill is a nice plaza with a McDonalds, Safeway, and a couple of restaurants. I would stay here agin, but like I said, shop the price.

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