Nice hotel, the WORST service ever! A review of Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City - a Kimpton Hotel

I deal with hotels on a daily basis and this is the most unprofessional hotel I've ever dealt with.

I had an $80 charge on my credit card statement. I called to ask what it was for and they said the phone was not in the room after I checked out. I stated that; My roommate made a phone call, I told her not to because we would be charged for all calls. She said, It's local, it's free. I told her, They charge for all calls, even local calls. She didn't believe me, so after she left the room I put the phone underneath the bed. The cleaning person should have found it, but if she didn't clean thourly, whoever went to plug in the new phone would have found the old phone still plugged in. He said he'd check and get back to me....which he never did.

I called again, he would not credit it. I said "I never stole anything and if I did, What am I going to do with a hotel phone? If I had stolen it and you charged me $80 for a useless phone, don't you think I'd give it back since it's not worth anything? I can't believe you are accusing me of stealing something" He said, "Your friend must have taken obviously you did not trust her since you put it under the bed." I said, "My friend did not believe you would charge for a local call. She may be naive but she's not a theif." He stated it was not in the room and I will not be credited. I then took my complaint to management. He basicly told me the same thing.

We also had our company Christmas party there that same night. We had 20 people standing in the buffet line with no food....maybe some rice and frozen solid cheesecake. I was then told by an employee that our people ate too much and had seconds. (Ya Right! our people scarfed down tons of food and cut in line infront of 20+ people to get a second plate.) Nobody had a chance to get seconds, but since when is it wrong to go through a buffet line a 2nd time?

There are much better hotels in SLC that are just as nice but have more professional service.

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