Nice Hotel but... A review of Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotel St. Louis

What is that smell?... This is a very nice hotel and I have had nice rooms 2 of 3 times here. I must admit that the first week I was here I should have complained. But it was only a few nights so I did not. The room smelled awful, like mildew. I turned up the air unit and the smell was not so bad. For week 2, I expressed my concern and they upgraded me to a suite. Much nicer room, no smell in the room. But there is a smell of mildew or something in various places in the hotel.

For the 3rd visit, another nice room.

Staff is very friendly and helpful. Doorman and desk staff recognized me and welcomed me back.

Lobby can get smokey because it is really not too separated from the lobby bar. Food is decent. Awseome deal on Samuel Adams beer...only $1.50 per pint! And this was still the deal a month later on visit 2!

Location is convenient but parking is a pain. There is construction on the Forest Parkway and the parking lot is affected. You have to drive all over through 2 garages just to exit. And they still charge $9 per day!

Unless your SPG platinum like me and want the points, or you get a great price, you may want to consider the Ritz (around the corner) until the parkway construction is done.

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