Nice hotel but not as nice as a typical Four Seasons A review of Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

I stayed here for fertility treatments at a nearby clinic. They had only recently opened and there were a few glitches that will probably be worked out soon like my television kept breaking and had to be reprogrammed 3 times in one evening - I was trying to relax so this was irritating. The room service food was REALLY pricey for the quality and the food was not represented well on the menu - i.e., I ordered a "traditional" NY cheesecake and got a little circle of something - did not look like the classic slice I was looking forward to but it was fine. I specifically ordered a meatless breakfast and asked for tomatoes with my eggs and I ended up with potatoes and bacon - very irritating as I arranged for the breakfast the night before to be delivered at 6am and I had to leave my room for my appointment by 7am so there was no time to wait for another meal - they did nothing in apology for that which I also found to be irritating. The bathtub is GORGEOUS - and really deep but alas, I couldn't use it the night before in vitro. There is a separate shower - the dumb part of the bathroom design is that the shower is clear so only Cindy Crawford could manage a sexy sillouette. The toilet door is frosted so you get to have a silouette with that but even Cindy Crawford can't pull that one off with grace - not for newlyweds basically. They should have frosted the shower and put a full solid door on the toilet. The bed linens and bed and pillows were beautiful and cotton and wonderfully clean and luxurious. The staff is inexperienced - the teenager who parked my car had likely never worked at a nice hotel but the staff all meant well except for a few silly people who thought working at a nice hotel meant they should act rudely. The front desk was professional for the most part. The spa was pretty and very clean but rather sparse. The treatments (I had 3 of them in one afternoon) were just okay - again, the staff here seemed inexperienced - my massage was not the quality I would have expected and funny note... one of the ladies had on white clogs - I loved that - they were spotless and I figured, spa issued. Then, I had a different woman for the next treatment and It was hard not to laugh while I stared at her feet for 45 minutes. She was lovely but her feet were horrific. Chipped nail polish, calloused, bunions... warts would have pulled it all together. I'm sorry but if your feet aren't pretty and you are giving someone a massage - wear clogs. Ask for their throwaway flip flops - the sandals the spa usually issues will give you horrible blisters if you walk more than 50 feet in them. The nuts in the spa were stale. I only went to the spa and stayed in my room - I took a cab to my procedure and left the car there to be picked up. The hotel looks like a business office on the outside but is pretty inside. The gardens are small and the views are of the freeway - which is adjacent to the hotel. Once the staff gets some experience, it will seem much more like a Four Seasons - now it seems like a hotel dressed like a Four Seasons but with a MOTEL staff. Don't come here to vacation in So Cal - there are better areas and hotels for the price you pay here (my favorite St. Regis Monarch Beach in Laguna Niguel ) - but great for those who need to stay in Westlake for business or medical reasons like myself.

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