Nice hotel but in a really bad location A review of Comfort Suites North Bergen

Looks very nice from the outside. Rooms are clean and well maintained. Staff is so-so, I guess they could be considered friendly for people that live in that part of New Jersey. My biggest complaint is the location. Its only 5 miles from the heart of downtown Manhattan but, this is a big but, it takes over an hour by the hotel shuttle and probably 45mins by car with average traffic. The receptionist told us that the hotel shuttle ($5) takes only 20-30 mins. Don't believe that! It takes that long just to round up passengers from nearby hotels and then they shuttle you to a gift shop!!! It took 65 min total. $5 is a good deal. We took a cab back to the hotel and it cost $60!

Location wise, it is on a very busy street and there is a road divider. We missed the U-turn about a quarter mile down the road and was stuck in traffic for a good 30 mins looking for another way to turn around. It was bad.

I would not stay there again just because of the traffic and the cost of getting to and from NY city via taxi. If you dont mind taking the shuttle and the bad traffic then it is a nice cheap place to stay. There is a restaurant next door which we didnt try, opted for Chinese delivery instead. Next time I would pay more for a hotel in Manhattan than to save on one in Jersey. The cost and hassle of transportation itself does not make it worthwhile.

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