Nice ... but ... A review of Pullman Resort Bunker Bay

We spent 3-4 nights at this hotel. Upon arriving at the door, we waited near the car as we were not sure of what to do (we thought this was supposed to be 5 star). We then unloaded the bags from the car, whilst one of us went to the reception and were finally looked after, only to load the bags back in the car again to drive closer to our ocean room. Our ocean room had a great view into the room in front ... but no ocean. As the previous person notes, there really are not many, if any rooms with a view of the ocean, outside of the main building. I would recommend looking at a map of the hotel before booking a room, so that you can perhaps specify your preference.

We ended up moving rooms to the lake at the bottom, near the ocean. This was quite pleasant, although no privacy, we decided the outlook was more open and pleasant.

The restaurant is limited, especially if staying for a period of time. There is a nice wine bar in dunsborough, along with a fantastic restaurant at the closest vineyard, Wise. Wise restaurant is only open on Fri / Sat though, so if mid week ... you are in a bit of strife.

There were some very helpful staff in the restaurant, some very passionate about good wine, and were very helpful at helping us plan our vineyard visits, including a magic experience at one smaller place - which was invite only. Shame about some of the reception staff, who I think had forgotten who the customer was.

The bar has a lovely lounge, which given the cold snap weather, was pleasant with the great open fire.

The beach was beautiful, yet too cold for swimming. I understand the water is generally quite cool year round ... so beware. Although, it was unseasonally cold.

It is set out a long way from the vineyards of the Margaret River, and from the town of Margaret River (which is more touristy). Generally it is a lovely area though.

One small gripe, I had left my hat in my room (which had great sentimental value). I knew exactly where I had left it, and upon calling the hotel (4-5 times, as the housekeeping person would not return my call), I was told that I did not leave it. The indifference was disappointing.

Overall, Bunker Bay resort did not meet our expectations, but they were very high to begin with.

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