Nice, but not worth the $$ A review of Kamalame Cay

After 5-6 days at Kamalame Cay, we came back relaxed, refreshed and with a nice tan. However, being world-wide travelers, we were a bit disappointed with a few things. The amount of money you spend is about the same as if you stayed at a Four Seasons or other boutique hotel, where the service, food, activities, and "little extras" are impeccable. We felt like, although it was "nice", it was not worth the money, maybe 1/2 or 3/4 at the most. This place could be amazing with proper management and/or an owner who was there more often. The new "spa" (5 room house) is on stilts above the water, a neat idea, but only one person works there & if she's scheduled, you have to wait for another opening. No manicures or pedicure facilities as of yet. There were no towels or toilet paper in the spa restrooms. It was vitually uninhabited and had an "unfinished" feeling. Also, since Kamalame doesn't offer too many activities (other than snorkeling, diving & fishing), a gym would be great, but they don't have one. The only form of excercise is swimming in the pool (beach too shallow) or running on the beach. The food was fresh and fairly good, but most fish was fried, and salad dressings a bit heavy. Most vegetables are coated in butter. It would be great if they had "heart healthy" options. Although we requested champagne (not included in the price), we didn't get it until the 3rd night (the 2nd night they forgot to chill it). They do offer fine selections of alcohol, wine and champagne & have coolers full of beverages in the great house as well as the cabana by the pool. The rooms are beautifully designed, and for the most part, very clean and well-stocked (towels, shampoo, fridge, snacks, etc.) however we had to ask to have our sheets changed on day 3 (could have been a "mishap"). Make sure your room has a flashlight in it, or you may not find your way to the the great house for dinner. Also, if the forecast shows rain or overcast, be sure to ask for a TV w/ a VCR (more choices than DVD's) when you get there, or they may be out when you want it. Beaches are nice, but they could stand to be cleaned, there were bottles and trash at the far end. Also, we had to ask for towels to be removed from the beach lounge chairs after several days. The office is okay, but needs to be more organized and dusted. Bring insect repellent, the gift shop does not have it. Overall, it is nice, and I have to say, the staff is very responsive. When you do ask for something, it generally shows up pretty quickly and they are very nice and accomodating, especially the staff in the kitchen. If they had an experienced, manager that came from a high end hotel, this place could be whipped into a world-class hotel. The seclusion, privacy, and the water, are great assets, the resort just need to raise the bar a bit.

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