Nice, but not an idyllic retreat A review of Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa

We have just returned from a week at the Amari Trang Resort and Spa.

First tip. We flew into Krabi airport (about 1hr 20 min drive) and the hotel charge 2,500BHT to pick you up (about £40), the official taxis at the airport will do it for about £10 cheaper.

The resort is family friendly, which is great if you have kids, but not so good if you want to go there as a couple and relax. If you can relax by the pool with a load of kids in it (aged between 2-10) then you'll be OK, if not, then this isn't the place for you!!

The staff are friendly and will try their best for you but there are some language difficulties. Examples:

a) a request for a 'can of tonic water' from room service was met with silence. After 2 minutes of trying to explain what I wanted I thought the message had got across. The resulting bacardi and tonic was not quite what I had expected!!

b) A request at the pool bar for a mango and orange juice smoothie (from the pre-printed drinks menu, proved so difficult I gave up!!

c) We ran out of washing detergent and phoned housekeeping for some more (it is provided in the room, so you might expect them to understand what it is), but alas this was not the case.

A top tip is to go to the 'restuarant' just down the road called Yok Yor (I think!!), the hotel will arrange a free taxi to it. Great food, nice and cheap and next door but one is a small shop where you can buy beer/soft drinks for a fraction of what the hotel charge.

The 'pure white sand' on the beach was not so pure (or white) as it was littered with debris, inluding glass, bottles, even an old shoe, along with big lumps of wood and an empty 10kg rice bag.

The service around the pool was not very good either. There were normally 3-4 staff employed in the pool bar but they were not very pro-active. Whenever anybody wanted service, they had to walk up to the bar to get the staff's attention and when you had finished eating/drinking, there was a long wait (up to half an hour in one case) for the bill to arrive.

Overall,we enjoyed our stay, but felt that the hotel is trying to find its niche between a family friendly hotel and a more exclusive retreat.

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