Nice and Peaceful A review of Renaissance Boca Raton Hotel

My spouse and I stayed here for three nights in July/August. We were looking for a nice pool and tiki bar in which to relax all day at. Not being beach people but wanting some sun, this hotel seemed like a good bet. It was-- we had a great time!

We were on different flight schedules, so I arrived early on a Thursday (1pm) while he was scheduled to arrive later that evening. When I got to the hotel, our poolside room was not ready yet, but the very nice front desk person gave me a free lunch at the poolside bar while she put a rush clean on the room. The pool area is extremely nice, though not all that large. There is a nice rock formation waterfall and there are plush lounge chairs all around. If you go to the Marriott website for this hotel, they have good pictures and 360 degree views which are a good representation of the area. The one surprise that I did not see on the website was four hammocks, which ended up being one of my favorite afternoon nap sites!

The tiki bar in the center of all of this was quite pleasant. The food was pretty good (especially the quesadillas), though the service is a bit slow. Since I had nothing else to do all day but sit at the tiki bar this was not a problem, but there were a couple of instances where people got upset that the food took so long to come out. Having one bartender who had to manage the bar and walk all the way inside the hotel to retrieve food is not condusive to fast service! But for me it was a sign of the leisurely weekend I was having. The frozen drinks were not good (one of the worst pina coladas I have had) but the mixed drinks were better. They had 2 for 1 Mai Tai's throughout my stay which were pretty delicious.

One of the best things about the property during my visit was that the pool area was never crowded. They had, on average, less than 10 people around at any given time.

The room was pretty standard Marriott fare, which is not a bad thing.

Conservatively decorated, the room had a very comfortable bed and well stocked mini bar. The bathroom was nothing special but extremely clean.

The room did have a very comfortable chaise lounge and ottoman and, the best part, a great air conditioner. The poolside room had a small patio with two chairs and a table. I guess you could say it overlooked the pool although I found it a bit far from the area. The biggest disappointment was the fact that you could not get to the pool from the patio-- there was a line of bushes in between the patio and the path to the pool. On the plus side, each patio was private-- there were walls that divided each room patio from one another. I don't think I would go for this type of room in the future. We never spent any time on the patio as the pool area itself was so nice and an executive suite on the club floor was going for the same price.

We did eat at the hotel restaurant, Porter's Steakhouse, one evening.

It was OK, though my medium steak was cooked horribly well done! The French Onion soup was very tasty, though, and my spouse's steak was cooked medium well as ordered.

All in all, we had a great time at this hotel. We got what we were looking for-- a nice hotel with a nice pool area and tiki bar to spend the day at. The hotel met our expectations and we would stay here again. Bonus (to some!): A Starbucks is within walking distance.

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