Nice accomodations A review of Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront/Palm Beaches

Hotel accomodations were above average. Nice, recently renovated place that, I was told, used to be a Holiday Inn till the Hilton bought it and sunk about 6 million dollars into it. Very good exercise room and pool. Good breakfast buffet. Treated very well by staff. The only problems: the tall condo to the south can block out the sun in the pool area to the south of the hotel. This means to do any sunbathing you have to use the beach, and pay the prices for the use of the beach loungers. windblocks, or umbrellas-- and they're not cheap (independent business). The hotel could solve this by loaning , or even renting out similar items at prices that are much more reasonable. Secondly, I understand they have had a problem or two with private parties, such as wedding parties, renting out prt of the facilites, and then getting out of hand. But I imagine the management has learned from that experience and that such a situation is unlikely to ever occur again.

Nevertheless, I had a very enjoyable, comfortable and quiet stay and would recommend this place. I would defintely consider staying at the Hilton Singer Island if I'm back there again.

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