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I like to think of myself as a "seasoned" traveler. I travel at last 4 weeks out of the year. So I frequent these websites to see who has deals and what events are going on and so forth. I also read the reviews that everyone writes.

Most people are not aware that the Newport Bay Club and Hotel is a timeshare property. Which means every unit is owned by different people every week (me being one of the week owners).

This is the main reason why the Newport Bay Club can not be a non smoking establishment. You can not tell an owner of a unit that they can not smoke in it. How would you like if someone told you, you could not smoke in your house?

Then also the fact that being a timeshare, someone can change their mind and rent their unit instead of coming to stay. This is how rooms come available after the seven day cancel policy. In timeshares, things change on a daily basis.

Granted there are a few minor problems with the Bay Club as there are with all hotel, motels, B&Bs, etc. You can be sure that they are working on fixing the problems.

I just wanted to clear the air on The Newport Bay Club and Hotel. This is a great place to stay and if you get to know the staff, you will come to love the Newport Bay Club as I have over the 20 years of being an owner there.

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