New rooms - Applewood/Presdential Lovely! Old rooms - need a refresh! A review of Nichols Village Hotel & Spa, Scranton PA

We stayed at here for 2 nights mid August 2006. I had booked the room on Priceline, and originally thought it might be able to snag it for around the $40 mark, unfortunately there was a PGA tournament on in the vincinity and the officials were staying at the hotel. I ended up paying $50. Still not to bad I might say.

I think due to the fact it was paid through Priceline, we were initially assigned one of the older rooms, i think a chestnut room. The room was quite small, the sink was outside the bathroom and it reeked of cigarette smoke. When I politely mentioned this to the front staff, and mentioned that I had heard the applewood rooms were newly refurbished, could they please give one ones of those rooms. initially they said no, bec of the tournament but one of the guys let slip that the first night wasn't a problem only the second. i said we would be happy to take it for the 1 night and then move. of course, they never asked us to move.

the only nice rooms are the applewood and presidential. i had called a few nights before we came and found this out from the receptionist. our applewood was lovely, high ceiling, newly refurbished, very comfortable. bathroom was nice. all very clean. the staff were very friendly and helpful. complimentary coffee in rooms and at the front desk. pool is gorgoues! nice courtyard area etc. highly recommend.

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