New Name, Still worth staying away from A review of Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront

This hotel, formally known as the Adam's Mark, is not worth staying at even if it is your last choice in Jacksonville. I have to travel on business every year to this hotel and each year this hotel has declined in quality, yet ironically the price keeps going up. The food in the restaurants is very bland. When you call for room service for breakfast, make sure you ask for the food to arrive 30 minutes before you intended or else the food will not be at your door on time. By the way, good luck asking for a refund because my food showed up once I was walking down the hall to leave for my meeting.

The rooms are very average at best, the beds are not comfortable and the pillows are flat. The walls are thin so you can easily hear the sounds from the rooms above, below, and on top for a wonderful relaxing night sleep. Now they even ask you to reuse your towels for your entire visit which is pretty horrible. Sure it helps with less waste water, but the hotel could also switch to an alternate cleaning substance which is less harmful.

The parking lot located on the west side of the hotel has parking spaces designed for Austin Minis and that is even pushing it.

The best part of the hotel is the gym which is located on the top floor with a pretty view. They should also add a water heater to the pool so you can use it on those not so warm days or nights in Jacksonville.

The best thing that happened to me and my wife at the hotel is that a few years ago, the hotel was over sold, so they complimentary paid for a one night stay over on Jacksonville Beach and with a complimentary dinner and cab fare back and forth. Too bad we couldn't stay at the hotel on the beach for the rest of our stay because it was much better than the Adam's Mark. Kudos to the hotel for placing us at a better hotel and upgrading our room at no charge when we returned, but we were not happy campers after a six hour drive to find out we had no hotel room.

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