New Lajitas Resort A review of Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa

I have stayed at the Lajitas Resort 4x. It has always been something that reminded me of Gunsmoke. The rooms were overpriced, not of very high quality but it was the only decent hotel in the area and the friendliness left a bit to be desired but I loved it there anyway.

There is nothing in the area except the Gage Hotel up in Marathon.Last time in 2002, I was there they were in the midst of rebuilding, the place did need refurbishing. I just went to the redone website. It looks like it turned out great. However, I just checked the prices for an upcoming stay and I simply can't afford to pay $195 a night to stay in the cheapest rooms in the Badlands Hotel area. $310 in the Officer's Quarters where I stayed last time when I couldn't stay in the Badlands because of building noise. So basically, unless a new hotel has sprung up somewhere, there are 1 star hotels in the area and now a 4 star resort and no inbetween. Sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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