New Indoor Water Park A review of Caribbean Cove Hotel & Conference Center

We went to the new indoor water park, Carribbean Cove, which is part of the Holiday Inn now (you have to stay at the hotel to use it, which is a good idea). It was a mixed experience.

Pros: The water park is amazing. Great design and lots of things to do. The slides were fun and the slide tubes extend out of the building so it really looks neat. We went New Years week and they kept the park open until 1 AM.

Cons: The check in system is a mess. Confusing and lengthy lines to check into the hotel, the rooms were not ready when promised. They advertise that they will work with early check ins, but this was not the case. The resturaunts seemed swamped and the service was at times, nonexistant. My wife and I commented that it looked like they were not ready for crowds at all.

The hotel itself is like most any holiday inn. There is still the old Holodome, so if you don't have a family there, make sure to stay away from it as there is activity there most of the time.

I got the sense that the hotel employees were really trying and they had a good attitude, just seemed understaffed and not ready for crowds - given that the area just dug itself out of a major snowstorm and that the water park is so neat - i'm not surprised how popular it is.

We really liked the whole experience with the exception of spending way too much time at the service desk and not getting any service at the resturaunts. I hope they can work this stuff out because the park is cool and the kids in our group (10, 4, 3 and 6 months) loved water park.

I overheard some business travelers complaining about the amount of kids, but it felt the hotel had so much planned for kids to do (they have a camp with counselors there) that it was just sour grapes. The kids were very well behaved.

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