New Hotel A review of Hampton Inn & Suites

This is the first review of the Hampton Inn & Suites in Redding, CA. I am a seasoned traveler and will give you the good and the bad and some tips on your stay.

The good news is that this is a brand new hotel. It opened in February of 2006. It is modern throughout and well cleaned. The HOUSEKEEPING staff seems excellent and is the best part about this hotel. (sincere compliment!)

I always try to get a room with a large comfortable chair and foot rest/ottoman. Calling the front desk (the day before arrival) I asked for this kind of room and they indicated that the hotel only had rooms (suites) with fold out couches. I booked the room. Got to the hotel and went into a very nice suite. King bed, fold out couch. 27 inch tv (very few cable channels!!!!!!! CNN was the highlight of the package) Bathroom with toilet and tub (with extended shower curtain) basin(sink) was outside of the bathroom proper. Desk for work, in room high speed internet. Small fridge (quiet type), microwave over and wet bar.

While walking by another open room I saw a chair with ottoman. I called down to front desk and arranged for one to be brought to my room. THEY DO have the chair/ottoman but the original front desk person had not been in the rooms and didn't KNOW!!!!! They made an exception for me and brought one from one of the regular rooms to my suite. chair and ottoman were average and not a real LA-Z-boy or anything really good.

HAMPTON used to offer a COMFY CHAIR guarantee...NOT ANY MORE

ATTENTION HAMPTON...GET REAL COMFY CHAIRS!!!!! LA-Z-Boy recliners for big people! (I don't work for lazy boy, but have 3 at home)

ATTENTION MANAGER: train your people by having them go into EVERY ROOM IN THE HOTEL!

Attention guests: to know how hotels are furnished ask to speak to the head of housekeeping!

The room I had featrued a western exposure meaning the SUN WAS BEATING down on it during the HOT Redding afternoon. While the Air Conditioning worked fine, it was the typical noisy type. Individiual installation at the window controlled by thermostat on wall.

ATTENTION DESIGNERS: a very low speed fan on air conditioner after the room cools down would help ALOT> ALSO, this is the 21st century, figure a way for the curtains, when closed, to NOT blow in the air conditioner's breeze!

Awnings or shade trees would help here!

Noise was not a big problem from other guests.

Note, there is ONLY ONE ELEVATOR in the entire hotel. It was extremely HOT as it is not air conditioned. When this elevator goes down for maintenance YOU WILL NOT be able to get to rooms on the second and third floor if you have mobility problems!

How in this day and age only ONE elevator is installed in a brand new hotel is beyond me.

The hotel has a HUGE high tension power line tower on its northeast parking lot. This won't bother you unless you believe in problems associated with magnetic fields.

The neighborhood is nothing special, nothing bad, nothing within a short walk that would help a hotel guest. Within a 2 mile drive there is a shopping mall with Sears, JC Penny, Macy's. A number of restaurants. A Safeway grocery store and so forth. Target and Wal Mart sort of nearby (via car) too. I suppose one could walk to Safeway but it is about 6 city blocks.

There is a delivery system for numerous restaurants...but surprise they don't deliver in the afternoon (2-5 pm)

I did not avail myself of the free breakfast but it looked standard hampton faire. Small pantry that does sell frozen foods and a few goodies at outrageous prices ( small orange juice 2 bucks)

Pool, exercise room do exist but I didn't use them.

All in all this is a very nice hotel in that it is new and very clean. I do hope my comments are read by those in charge of the hotel. I paid about $125 plus tax for this room. hilton silver member, AAA discount. Early arrival allowed at 1pm, but I called again that day to remind them at 11:30 am.



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