New hotel with same old Marriott Courtyard look and feel A review of Courtyard Prague Flora

Having spent the better part of the last few years staying at Marriott hotels on a weekly basis, the new Flora Courtyard provides little in the way of surprises, good or bad. It continues the Marriott Courtyard tradition of catering to business travelers, with rooms designed for efficiency at the expense of individuality, sincere if somewhat clumsy service, and an inconsistent kitchen producing food that ranges from good to disastorous, and is uniformly overpriced.

The location is moderately suburban, in the quiet but growing Flora district. Across the street is a multi-story mall, also fairly new, containing most of the mid-level types of clothing and food chain outlets you'll find in any other mall around the world. It's a quick metro ride on the green line to the central district of the city, but tourists seeking a Prague experience will likely be disappointed by the remoteness of the location and blandness of the nearby surroundings. Business travelers will probably like it just fine.

Rooms are reasonably sized, and beds and bedding are quite comfortable. If you've stayed in a Marriott Courtyard anywhere in the world, this one is just like every other recently constructed or refurbished facility, a bewildering or reassuring reminder of globalization, depending on ones point of view.

The restaurant must be given credit for trying to put on a good show. As with many Marriott eateries, the execution is somewhat ham-fisted, with few subtleties and an excess of heavy sauces. The chicken in my pasta was quite good and cooked properly, but this was lost in the otherwise generic dish. Breakfast the next morning was another matter, with scrambled eggs containing one or more mystery ingredients that were some of the worst I've ever tasted in my life. Dinner for two ran approximately $65, which seemed pricey for the quality of food, but was a positive bargain compared with the $33 for the pedestrian breakfast buffet.

Service is attentive but inexperienced. They were extremely helpful in giving tips on taking the public metro/bus alternative to get to the airport, which at $1.00 was an easy and inexpensive alternative to the various shuttle and cab options (and helped offset the damage to our wallets from the dining room fleecing).

This hotel works well for business travelers who want the surprise-free Marriott experience, or for budget travelers who don't mind the out of the way location. For leisure travelers with moderate or better means, I'd suggest one of the central hotels for a better Prague visit.

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