Never Stayed At A Worse Hotel A review of Nu Velda Rose Resort Hotel

Absolutely the worst hotel I've ever stayed at. The lobby was fairly nice but it was no indication of what I would see when we got to our room.It was a huge room with fake wood furniture, something you might see in a flea market. The floor - a cheap looking carpet - had huge dark stains all over it. There were two mismatched sofas and two mismatched coffee tables.One of the doors in the room was an EXIT door to the outside of the hotel, padlocked from the inside. There was what appeared to be some sort of utility closet in the room with old furniture stacked every whereThe entire toilet "vibrated" when the toilet was flushed. We did not use the tub.As for the bed, the sheets appeared to be clean (thank goodness) and had nice feather pillows. But that's all I can say nice about the place.I realize it is a historic hotel, which is why we chose it (it was our third choice; the Arlington and the Majestic were booked) but it was filthy and noisy. The people in the room next to ours stayed up all night playing poker. Yes, we could hear them clearly enough to know they were playing poker.We had dinner at the hotel restaurant and the food and service were horrible.

(The service was worse than the food.) The servers looked as if they were overworked and would rather be anywhere else.We waited a good 20 minutes before the waitress took our order and another 40 minutes before we got our food (steaks), which was very disappointing. No one asked if we enjoyed our meal, if the steaks were OK, etc... Because the food was unappetising, we didn't eat it. We left the restaurant hungry and angry. When we got back to our room we ordered a pizza and had it delivered.When we checked out, I told the desk clerk about the horrible room. She seemed perplexed at what I had described and reported my complaints to someone else who said our room was the "old hospitality suite."OLD HOSPITALITY SUITE???!!!I told her we did not reserve a hospitalilty suite and she said that was the only room they had available. (I was not made aware of this when we reserved the room.)I got no offer of a refund, no apology, nothing. Needless to say, we will NEVER stay at the Velda Rose again.

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Nu Velda Rose Resort Hotel
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