Never going back! A review of Minerals Resort & Spa

My boyfriend and I recently went to this resort so we could ski and celebrate New Years. What a mistake. We booked this "resort" based on the advertising of their wonderful spa services, etc. You can imagine how very happy we were when we arrived to find out no spa services would be available until "next year!" Advertising the spa is just their way to lure in guests they can not even service. The spa itself is beautiful but very small. There are only around 5 rooms for services. Especially on a holiday week, there is no way they can accomidate the hotel guests. I do have to say the technicians were great (they "fit us in" after we blew a stink and mentioned we might go down the road to Roomers for a massage. We heard they are great and cheaper!) Not anywhere on their site or when we made the reservation had we been told we had to book spa services in advance. We thought it would be more like the Norwich Spa and Resort (because their prices are comparable) which is excellent. The useless hotel staff thought telling us that the pool/jacuzzi was included would put a smile on our face...It did until we saw a playground of kids....EVERYWHERE! The one nice thing though was their outdoor heated swimming pool...very nice after a day of skiing.

In reference to the previous person's review, ""NOT WHAT IT ONCE WAS", it wasn't the storm that set the SKI RESORT (should not even be called a resort, more like a large motel/conference center) back while you were there. There wasn't any storm except the one above our storming around until all hours of the night. It 's quieter in my NYC apt! After our many attempts to get help from the front desk failed, eventually my boyfriend had to take matters into his own hands and literally go upstairs and ask the inconsiderate parents to quiet their kids down. By the second night management reluctantly got involved and uprooted the menagerie above us to another room.

The "housekeeping staff" was horrible. Sometimes I couldn't even tell if they cleaned or not. They never emptied garbages, nor changed the sheets!

Now let's talk about food. NO ROOM SERVICE! We had to deliver it to our room ouselves when it was ready at Kites. When actually eating at Kites, the food was very good, the service was the worst! Just to be noticed by the hostess to be seated took 20 mins! Of course then we had wait forever just to get a drink! On the last day the unfriendly woman at the concierge desk decided to clue us in that there was a little grocery store/deli right around the side of the resort. Too bad, because the one sandwich I got there was great! We would have gone there more had we known the first day! They do have a tiny gift shop which actually has some great things (hand knited hats,etc.) and the saleswoman was the nicest one from the hotel staff.

I don't know how a hotel that charges so much can get away with all this. The resort doesn't even offer shuttle service to Mountain Creek. They gave us a card with a # to call a cab. They didn't even offer to do that. Anyway, our cab driver John was the most efficient person we met on this trip. He's great and very accomidating.

All in all, we would NEVER go back to this "wanna be" spa/resort! A complete waste of $$$

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Minerals Resort & Spa
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