Never do it again! A review of Boca Raton Plaza Hotel and Suites

1.I bought 14 day stay in this 3 star hotel for may us vacation with wife and 6 months baby by expedia. I stayed 17 days because we came3 days earlier. 2.Elevator was out of order for 2 days. I had to use "staff elevator  without valid "operational license" in it (expired in 2002). 3. Broken glass on the floor in room (broken not by us) in the room - it took 2 days to make room clean. 4. Balcony - never cleaned during our stay 17-days stay. 5. A lot of other problems  restaurant bill to high(nat according the menu), phone not working, light bulb not working. etc. 6 Swimming pool  cold water. 7. Manager was not interested in solving problem or listening to my opinion  he has  hundreds  of good responses from other customers,  you can change hotel if you like . 8. On the same federal highway I use Best Western  totally opposite standard then in Boca Raton Hotel Plaza and Suites.

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Boca Raton Plaza Hotel and Suites
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