Never Again! A review of The Sainte Claire

I recently stayed at this hotel with 2 family members, I was embarrassed to say the least.. First of all, there was NO parking in front of the hotel, just the very busy STREET.. I had to drop off my sister across the street to go and find out where the heck to park and how to get all our luggage to the hotel?? We were planning on staying 5 days!

After 35 minutes of circling the blocks, one way streets, etc - we finally double parked.. Then.. there was NO VALET! The person at the front desk made about 3 calls, then disappeared and then a valet showed up.. There was only 1 person at the front desk and he was very confused about the reservations, etc.. Finally we get to our rooms on the 4th floor - the valet mentioned the hotel was built in 1926 and that the 3rd and 6th floor were HAUNTED!! (LOVELY) - luckily we were on the fourth, I thought to myself..

Anyways, we get in the room and I could not believe how old, dirty and low class the hotel was - I have been in a better motel 6 about 10 years ago!!!! We looked at the bed and there was this big lump, we pulled back the covers and there was a double sized featherbed on a King sized BED! NOT TO MENTION IT HAD a HUGE RED STAIN under the bottom!! DISGUSTING!! AFter 6 phone calls and 1 hour of our time -we wanted to go to sleep... We finally gave up on getting another cover and we went to bed.. ONLY to find out you could hear everything through the walls - neighbors talking, laughing, tv, etc.. Then it was freezing, we turned on the heater - NO HEATER! Needless to say, we checked out the next morning - after eating at the IL FORNAIO (runny eggs, no toast - poor service) and will NEVER come back to the hotel AGAIN... I would recommend the Fairmont in San Jose to thouse that expect good service, cleanliness and CLASS!!

Thank you

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