Never again... A review of Quality Inn at Lake Powell

The front desk staff was fine and booked our tour to the Slot Canyons for us, which was great. However, we didn't realize there was no elevator, so we had to lug the baggage upstairs and down a long hall--through 2 fire doors (which were left open, even though the sign said they must remain closed at all times).Breakfast was OK, but no one was there to assist if you needed anything. The trash can in there was overflowing with disposable plates, etc. However, the worst things were: a)There were practically no electrical outlets in the room, which really limited use of hair dryers or cellphone chargers; and, most importantly, b)The bathroom was made for a toothpick-person. Neither of us are big, but we almost had to climb onto the toilet seat in order to get into the bathroom and shut the door. Once done, you had to almost get in the tub to open the door and leave the room. The water temp fluctuated constantly during a short shower, and the tap from the sink made the water run right against the back of the sink--not very appetizing for brushing teeth. We will never stay there again. Anything has to be better than this!

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