Never Again A review of Northwoods Inn

My family and I are fairly tolerant of travel conditions but the Northwoods Inn was so bad it prompted me to write this review. First off there's not enough parking for the hotel, if the tiny lot behind the hotel is full you must find someplace else in the always busy Lake Placid area. Not good epically if you're traveling there in the winter and it's well below zero as it was for our stay. The room we stayed in was just so-so. It looked tired and in need of some new wallpaper and paint - kind of dingy. Very cramped especially when the sleeper sofa was used. It was very hard to make your way across the 'suite'. The heater was a wall mounted all in 1 air conditioner and heater. It was a pain to use. If you had it on low it cycled on and off all night loud enough to wake us up. If you had it off the room got too cold. If you had it on constantly the room got too hot... Take your pick. No hot water in the morning. For the 3 days my family of 4 was there, we only had 1 hot shower. There's a little kitchen area, we used the toaster it set off the smoke detectors and no we didn't burn the bagels. Each time we toasted the alarm went off, not too useful. I could go on and on but take my advice and go somewhere else, next time we will.

We recently purchased the hotel and our working to improve the facilities daily. Your feedback is valuable and our staff takes each of these reviews to heart. As we continue the aggressive renovation process we can promise our guests clean and comfortable accommodations, gorgeous views from many of our rooms, convenience to all of the shopping and dining choices in Lake Placid and the friendliest staff in Lake Placid. We sincerely appreciate your patience and would welcome an opportunity to invite you back to Lake Placid to see many of the wonderful improvements we have made since even your recent visit. Thank you again for your feedback.

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