Never again... A review of The Juliana

I have stayed in hotels all over the world, some good and some not so good. I have relied on tripadvisor to recommend good hotels and I've gotten a lot of great advise on hotels, restaurants and activities. In all the years I have been using this service I have never been prompted to post my own review until today. My experience at The Juliana was so disappointing that I feel an obligation to warn other travelers of the innkeepers unbelievable lack of judgment in regard to the business of running a hotel or inn.

A year ago I searched on the internet for a location for our annual family reunion/vacation. Having never been to Lake George I relied on tripadvisor's review and booked The Juliana, along with 10 other families for a week's vacation. On the phone the innkeeper seemed personable and competent. I have to give an honest review, the rooms were clean, a bit on the small side with some units being renovated and some not. I believe you can tell which rooms have been renovated by looking at the website, rooms without pictures probably have not been renovated. But my biggest complaint was not with the room, they were adequate, some of the renovated ones even looked nice, the resort does have lake access, and a small pool. In the evenings they played movies on a big screen for the kids.

My complaint is with the owner, with a party of ten families we had some checking out a few days earlier than the rest, etc... My brother checked out at 10 am (check-out time) a bit early in my opinion. He went to a theme park with us and returned to the hotel to visit with us for a few hours before heading home. The innkeeper tried to charge him $15 for being on the property past checkout, an argument ensued (just what you want to do on vacation) and the fee was dropped. Another party however, did have a fee added to their creditcard because they stayed a chatted with remaining relatives past the 10-am checkout. Such a fee was never discussed during check-in or checkout, only after such a time that the owner felt he could collect the fee. I have never in all my years traveling heard of such a thing! He went around the resort telling people that he wanted CASH or he would automatically charge their card. Had he informed us of 'the rule' in advance we would have understood and grudgingly complied as the accommodations were already booked, he seemed however to be going out of his way to find ways to incur additional charges! He argues that the 'rules' are on the website so unless you have internet access, which not everyone has, you have to take your chances with the additional 'fees'. He also overbooked a room and when the party he overbooked agreed to help him out by doubling up with another family member, he charged them for the privilege! We will never stay at 'The Juliana" again! I would pass on The Juliana until it changes hands, with this type of management I have no doubt that it will.

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