Where do I begin? I was traveling for business, and the reservations were made by the host. The hotel is nice in the common areas, but the rooms are old and run down.

Upon arrival, I was told that the king room reserved for me was not available, and then asked if a double would be sufficient--did I have much of a choice? But that's not the reason for the low rating. I asked about the high speed internet advertised and was told that it was wireless, and that if I did not have a wireless card they had "bridges" available that would allow a connection. I asked for a bridge and was told that they were out (there are only 10 available for the entire hotel), they could place my name on the wait-list; I was second behind another gentleman from my party.

On to the room... To say it was not the cleanest is being too kind! There was hair in the restroom! Gross! The wallpaper in the restroom was peeling back so that the black mold/mildew was visible! YUCK!!! The vent in the bathroom had so much "fuzz" on it that the air quality had to have been dismal at best. The tv in my room did not work, nor did the refrigerator. And after unpacking, I realized that there was no alarm clock. I pick up the phone to call the front desk, and lo and behold! The phone didn't work either! I headed to the front desk (annoyed) to inquire about an alarm clock (armed with my growing list of other complaints) and was told that according to their system 1)my phone was in working order; 2)that there *is* an alarm clock in my room (I just didn't see it!);and 3)that they would provide an additional remote in the even that it's just the batteries making the tv inoperable. They also sent Cornell,the maintenance man(very nice!)in the even that there was an actual problem with the phone. Cornell checks the phone (which incidentally, I'm not an idiot; it really did not work) and the tv. With all the problems in the room, he calls the front desk and asks them to move me to another room.

The second room is better, but still not the quality one expects from an Embassy Suite. The bathroom--save the vent--passed inspection (no visible mold/mildew, no hair) and as I prepared to turn in for the night, I noticed a large mildew/mold/water damage spot above the bed! YUCK!!

My last complaint--the heating/cooling system. The temperature is the same regardless of the setting: heat, air, or off! My room was FREEZING!! When I inquired about this, I was told, "This is an older hotel. We'd have to call maintenance if it needs adjusting."

I will end by saying that I was not the only person in my party with complaints about the hotel. Oh! And by the way, I was able to get a bridge to connect to the high speed internet! Not surprisingly, that didn't work either!

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