Never Again! A review of Doubletree Hotel Houston Downtown

I booked a night at this hotel over the internet with the "pay now" option (to get a reduced rate). This was supposed to be a relaxing experience after attending the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on Sat., March 12.

My husband is a Hilton HHonors Gold member. So we did expect a certain level of service. We were pleased to be given a room on the top floor. Our room had been given a "face-lift." I had read that this hotel has recently been renovated. From an aesthetic point of view, the room was lovely. Unfortunately it is still an old hotel, and the a/c system didn't cool us well enough for most of the night. Worse than that, a group of teenagers were given a room next to our room (where our headboard was located---we shared that wall); and they were noisy until about 11 p.m. when they finally left the room and we turned out the light. I hoped to get a good night's sleep, but the teenagers returned to their room at 2 a.m. and were really loud...the noise woke me up...and kept me awake for the next 2 hours.

The walls were so thin; I could literally hear their phone ring. I could hear a young female giggling a lot. One of the males in the room had a very loud voice, and he talked non-stop for HOURS. At some point, the male started vomiting. I figured he'd pass out after that...but he didn't...he alternated between talking and vomiting.

I eventually put my head/pillow at the foot of the bed to try and get away from the noise. Finally at 4 a.m., when the noise woke my husband up, I banged on the wall in an effort to get them to shut up. They did lower their voices after that...but the noise started again around 8 a.m. I am notorious for switching rooms...mainly due to noise...but before my husband went to sleep, he informed me that we were not changing rooms. Fortunately for him, his sleeping pill is stronger than mine! So that's 2 a.m. when they woke me up...I laid there and suffered in silence. I had even taken 2 "Simply Sleep" pills before going to bed...and even that wasn't enough.

Another bad thing about this hotel is that the doors to the rooms slam really hard and are very loud. So I kept hearing doors slam all night. We were given vouchers for full breakfast buffet---I supposed because my husband is a HHonors Gold member---so we took advantage of the free breakfast. It was a standard hot/cold buffet. That was one of the only good things about that hotel!

When we turned in our key, the gal at the desk asked "Did you enjoy your stay?" and I told her "No we did not." And I told her why. She said because it was pre-paid, there was nothing she could do about it---and that we should have called security to do something about it. I told her I considered calling security; but since my husband was asleep, I didn't want to turn the light on and make the I was the one who suffered awake for 2 hours! I told her I am going to write a very bad review about this hotel; and their walls are way too thin. Why in the world they put teenagers on the top floor; which is supposed to be for...well one would assume it's a priority floor...and our profile states that we want to be in a "quiet part of the hotel." Well, enough said about that. Live and learn. We should have come home after the rodeo!

If noise is an issue with you---do NOT stay at this hotel! (Or hope they don't put you in a room that shares a wall with teenagers, and that your neighbors don't enter and exit their rooms (thus slamming their doors) during the night.)

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