Needs work A review of Callaway Gardens Resort

We have stayed at Callaway numerous times as we live in nearby Atlanta.

Sadly, the service seems to be going downhill. During our stay in early September we arrived to find our cabin smelling strongly of cigarettes. The management agreed to move us to another cabin which, unfortunately, was already filled with guests. A third cabin was found and it was filthy. There was trash around the front (plastic soda bottles, candy wrappers) and the bathroom had not been properly cleaned (lipstick and food on the bathroom cabinets). The screened porch was littered with a child's lunch - cut up hot dogs, smashed grapes and juice boxes. The champagne and strawberries that were supposed to be part of our package did not arrive. After the problems finding a cabin the managment gave us a free brunch for four at the restaurant. This was generous but did not really make up for the bigger concerns we have about the property - there are real issues with housekeeping and this is not the first time that we have noticed them.

During a visit in April we attempted to dine at the Gardens Restaurant and had to wait over an hour for our food (whilst others around us came, ordered, ate and departed). The manager stated this was because one of us had ordered a pork tenderloin and it took an hour to cook. The three of us who are cooks laughed out loud at that explanation. The manager was not remotely sorry for the delay and did nothing to make us feel that we ought to return.

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