My husband and I stated at the Concourse this past weekend. We chose a downtown hotel as my husband ran in the Mad City Marathon and we wanted to be able to walk to the race start.

My instinct told me that my 129+ dollar room would be mediocore....and unfortunately I was correct. The room we were assigned to was very small, crowded, poor view (not their fault!), and, though the furniture and bedding was nice enough, there was writing on the wall, and the room clearly needed some updating. In addition, it was terribly noisy! We were next to the starwell door (which was well-used, as the elevators were unbelievably slow), and all night we heard the door slam shut, and any kinds of conversations in the hallway and in the rooms nextdoor.

In addition, there was some kind of unique :)conference in the hotel, and they were using the beautiful landing on the second was filled with brochures and convention-type materials, and it was a bit unsettling to burst from the second story stairwell landing (again, because the darned elevator is so slow!) to a group of grumpy-looking convention goers...the gorgeous stairway and landing is probably the best thing the hotel has going for it, and in my opinion, should be a gracious and comfortable sitting area.

Another complaint...all over the hotel and elevators, they had used masking tape to the four corners of announcement brochures and taped them everywhere...very cheesy looking.

The staff was fairly indifferent...I don't think anyone said hello or offered to help with a door. We did have a kind and accomodating housekeeper.

All in all, a bit of a dissapointment. The hot tub was heavenly after the rained almost the entire time! Another plus was the coffee you could buy from a self-serve counter in the waiting area of their restaraunt.

Madison's food scene is always a treat! We had dinner at a steakhouse called The Tornado Club...on 116 South Hamilton. Wonderful! It's a 70's looking supperclub...with outdated decor, incongruously fine linens and china on the table, and superb food. We both had one of the fillets, and it was worth every penny! Also, check out the swanky Opus Lounge...on 116 King Street...very hip, cool decor and architecture, and an enormous drink menu. After two speciality husband and I toddled back to the Concourse (on foot, of course!) and sank into sleep, blissfully unaware of the probable slamming doors and teenagers' shrieks.

In conclusion, the Concourse, in my opinion, is suffering from a bit of an identity crisis. It wants to be elegant and happening; but falls quite short. Much could be done to improve this property; and I hope they do. It's such a perfect location to enjoy the Madison State Capitol scene...perhaps they are aware of this and don't feel the need to make improvements.

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