Needs more time to work out the kinks! A review of Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Pros: The resort itself is beautiful. Rooms are a good combination of modern amenities with historical renovations, photos & artifacts that are interesting & different. It's worth noting that the rooms with balconies (unless its in the spa wing) are not private. They are long porches that any guest can & does walk through & sit down on the rocking chairs. Cons: The staff & service! I voiced my concerns about numerous issues, but none were addressed. It appears that they're attempting to run a 4-star resort in rural Pennsylvania with only local hires who have no idea how to work in a high-end resort. Upon check-in I asked if there was a map of the hotel. The response was "I don't know. They didn't tell me." I attempted to go hiking using the map they gave me when I checked in. I went to the right on the supposed trail. There were no markers & when I asked a staff member, he sent me to a construction site. I attempted to follow the trail in the opposite direction & was fine for the first 1/3 mile or so while the trail was marked, however there was a huge fork in the trail & neither was marked. I followed what I thought was the trail & ended up deep in the woods as a solo female. When I saw fresh shotgun shells on the path, I was alarmed & decided to turn around. When I complained to the concierge she, 1) left to do something else in the middle of my complaint, and 2) make no attempts to correct the situation other than saying she would mention it at the next meeting. I went for a massage at the spa where my therapist chattered incessantly about how he used to work in construction and how his brother-in-law "screwed him over" and never paid him all the money he promised to pay him and how that was causing problems in his life. I may have overlooked this if I had been at the bar & the bartender was telling me this story, but it is inappropriate in the spa/massage context. I'm not paying you lots of money (including an automatic 18% gratuity) to listen to your problems! At dinner at The Crystal Room the service was abysmal & the food mediocre at best. I actually had to ask for a menu, wine list, & bread (which I never received). I'm a vegetarian & the waitress said the Chef would accommodate my needs because there weren't any veggie entree options on the menu or the buffet. I requested penne pasta with veggies & sauce. She asked if I wanted cheese on the pasta & I said yes. When I got up to go the buffet, I saw the exact entree I requested on the buffet. I didn't take any because I thought my dish would be coming separately. What I got instead was two dishes: 1) veggies and 2) baked pasta, of a sort I've never seen, with a bit of cheese on top. I guess I should have clarified that the pasta and the veggies should be one dish! The waitress was very slow & the hostess had to ask her to come over & take my order. The table next to me waited over 20 minutes for their wine & when it arrived, the waitress couldn't even open the bottle. The customer had to do it for her. Additionally, she was attempting to serve their table from between my table & their table, which meant that her posterior was in my face every time she came to the table. They never refilled my water glass. They ran out of napkins. The sous chef at the carving station started serving prime rib in bowls because he didn't have plates. Did I mention that the restaurant wasn't that busy? At the pool bar, I ordered Grey Goose & Grapefruit juice. Once the drink was $4.65 (charge was for grapefruit juice) and the second time it was $12.00 (vodka) + $2.50 (mineral water) = $14.50. When I mentioned to the bartender that I didn't order mineral water, the response was "I don't have a button for juice", which was clearly untrue. Finally, the morning I left I chose not to go back to the Crystal Room for the $24 breakfast buffet and chose the only other breakfast option -- a muffin at Che Sara -Sara. It was 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning. The cafe was open, but no one was working. I stood there for 10 minutes before a manager happened to walk by and helped me out. I'm not sure that I can bring myself to go back and pay that kind of money for this ridicuolous lack of service. I wouldn't suggest that anyone visit for at least another 6 -9 months. Maybe they'll have their acts together by then!

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