Needs Improvement A review of Pullman Resort Bunker Bay

Beautiful Location, great weather and nice beach. All let down by very poor customer service, the hardest beds and pillows your likely to find in a hotel and the ubiquitous flies!

This new resort in Western Australia is billed as a five star luxury resort nestled by Bunker Bay, one of the few north facing and therefore sheltered bays along the west Australian south coast. It is a great location, however the actual resort needs a lot of improvement if compared to other five star resorts. In two words Staff Training. Incompetent restaraunt staff, unable to remember simple orders and then dropping, spilling and splashing food and drink around the customers. Rude, unhelpful reservation staff, and annoying porters. The actual villas, well as they are all adjoining are not really villas in the true sense of the word, but nevertheless are quite nice inside with good facilities, kitchen, dvd player, two tv's and stereo etc. However in the cavernous bathroom, why spend $11, 000 on a very nice bath and then $30 on a crappy shower?? Doesn't make sense. Hopefully things will improve.

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