My New Favorite Hotel! A review of Bay Landing Hotel

Just got back from a four-night stay at the Bay Landing. I chose it based largely on the reviews here, and wasn't disappointed!

My wife and I had a king room facing the street. Very quiet. Even without the fan/AC running, we couldn't hear any traffic, airport, or any other noise. Couldn't tell if we had neighbors!

I would've been happy with the room for twice what I paid ($79 a night)! Comfy bed; the decor was pleasant, and everything was clean and looked brand new (which I guess it should, having been built in April 2004). The room was what I'd consider a pretty standard size, but from what I've seen and heard about SF hotels, "standard" is bigger than the average in-town room, even at the expensive places. In addition to the standard amenities like cable TV, hair dryer, and coffeemaker; the room also had a safe, mini-fridge, and microwave (which could come in handy for the TV dinners and snacks available near the front desk). My wife loved the soaps and shampoos, too -- apparently they were from the Judith Jackson Spa, not some cheap bulk-rate stuff. As someone else mentioned, the one thing that the room lacked was a nightlight for the bathroom.

Other than the room, the hotel was well-decorated with decent features. The guest lounge featured a widescreen plasma TV, several stocked bookshelves, a chess set, and a computer with free internet access. Wish I could say I used the exercise room or the great walking/jogging path along the bay right out back, but what kind of a vacation includes sweating? Anyway, there's no pool or on-site restaurant, but immediately next door to the hotel are 3 restaurants, including the highly recommended Elephant Bar. Oh, and a Sizzler farther down the street.

The staff was always friendly and helpful.

The airport shuttle service was a slight frustration. They'll tell you that their shuttle stops by the airport every half hour, but it doesn't. DEFINITELY call the hotel and have them arrange one, rather than just waiting for one to show up (similarly, all hotel-to-airport shuttles need to be arranged ahead of time). Once you do so, it's smooth sailing. The free airport shuttle is very useful for riding the BART around town if, like us, you don't rent a car. If you do rent a car, they mentioned they offer one free parking spot per room (parking's a big deal in SF). Incidentally, the shuttle company that services the Bay Landing is called JNJ. They also service a dozen other hotels, so while you're at the airport, it's not immediately obvious it's a Bay Landing shuttle -- look for the Bay Landing logo near the back of the shuttle's side.

Breakfast was incredible, especially for being free! Not only was there a make-your-own waffle bar, but always a good selection of cereal, fruits, bagels, muffins, pastries, yogurt, granola, jello, and a full beverage selection. I don't eat this good at home! Plus, you can eat it on the terrace to enjoy the bay view and comfy, bug-free weather. Advice: Go to breakfast early, get ready after. Later on it's busy, and sometimes they clean up early.

Bottom line: The Bay Landing does everything right. If it were a chain, I'd never stay anywhere else in my travels!

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