My favorite hotel of all time - reasonably priced yet glamorous A review of Kirketon Hotel Sydney - by 8Hotels

Since I stayed there in late 2002, Kirketon has undergone a change in management, but I still look back fondly at this hotel as the absolute coolest hotel of all time because:

-the staff look like models

-it has a great Sydney restaurant, Salt, downstairs

-fashionistas stay there, yet it was only US$100 a night

-fabulous surround sound system, and a full CD player in each room, with their own custom soundtrack to play (bring your own CDs - they'll sound great on their hidden behind the wall speakers)

-lovely high thread count sheets and wooly carpets and mohair throws

-AESOP botanicals bath products!!!!!

It's like Ian Schrager, but less vulgar, less hyped, more reasonably priced, and absolutely absolutely beautiful and just the right ethos for the young traveller.

Medusa, next door, its sister hotel, is even more lovely and pink. The staff are all young, hip, beautiful, and so friendly you feel bad that they work at all.

These small boutique hotels occupy that niche that is rarely filled: a cross between an Ian Schrager and a B&B.

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Kirketon Hotel Sydney - by 8Hotels
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