My Clothes were stolen! A review of Renaissance Savery Hotel

I had a freshly cleaned pair of pants and dress shirt hanging in the closet. I mistakenly forgot them. I realized this the following day. I had driven my own car so there's no chance of them being in a rental car, airline mistake or any other place. I didn't put them in my suitcase because I didn't want to wrinkle them. I remembered I had my suitcase in one hand and newspaper & purse in my other. When I called the hotel the following day I was told they didn't have them but they'd keep my name "on file". I said I wanted a manager to return my call. I had to call the hotel 4 times myself!

They continue the claim to not have them. I guess it's an extra Merry Christmas for someone on their staff. I will NEVER stay here again. This is a pure and simple case of THEFT!

They would not do anything in the lines of reimbursement for my stolen items. Very UN-Savery!

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