Must have A/C at Trapp in the Summer A review of Trapp Family Lodge

We visited the Trapp Family Lodge in August 2003 and stayed in one of their 2 bedroom timeshare units without air conditioning. I would never do that again! I thought I was getting what some reviews called a "luxury" accomodation, but it was a "budget" quality. The unit was damp from humidity-the carpet was damp, the sheets were damp, the furniture was sticky, and the unit is not cleaned properly! The bedspreads and furniture are old, the wallpaper is peeling, the kitchenette and entire unit is dated! The funny part is that the resort is trying to sell timeshares - if that is how they maintain their units, I'm not sure how they could sell a single one! It is in serious need of updating! In addition, we had friends join us for part of our vacation who stayed in the main lodge. They got stuck in a room without a/c and had to leave early b/c when they opened the windows for air, huge black flies came in. Other than the accomodations, the resort was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Stowe is a great place, but I would not return to Trapp unless they put significant money into updating the accomodations.

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