Much Loved And Missed! A review of Sol Princesa Dacil

I went there with my friend Amy and her parents. we had our own room which was perfect for us, it did not have air conditioning which the superior rooms on the 13th, 14th and 15th floors had, but we found it ok with the windows and balcony door open. there were activities to do in the day, demonstrations on sangria making and piela making and in the evening about 6 we got ready for dinner, mind you we werent ready until 7. dinner opens at 6, and closes at 10, one night i went in for another sneaky meal as i was still hungry after the first, i got mocked by the resturant staff for doing this for the rest of my holiday though. waiting staff are really fun, but the best people to know are the entertainment staff! they are really funny and made the holiday worthwhile. they leave in the next 3 weeks though when the season ends, so you may not meet the same people as we did, hope the people you meet are equally fit...did i say fit?... i meant good at their job, he he! anyway find out for yourself! lozzi.x.

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