Much better choice only 9 miles away A review of Skyland Resort

August 24, 2005. Room 3. Lodge room. Ground floor. In Shenandoah National Park. Nice scenery. Good views from window looking west over mountains. 2 double beds. Adequate bathroom with small tub/shower, sink, toilet. Free shampoo, conditioner, shower gel dispenser. Exhaust fan noisy and certainly wouldn't use that. Shower head pops off with little provocation, but can be re-inserted without difficulty. No phone, no TV. Small clock radio usless for time and alarm--digit segments burned out so couldn't set nor tell time. Walk in closet OK. Large room with beds. Walking distance to dining area with good food although some entrees pricey. Gift shop next to dining area. No convenience store. OK for short stay of night or two. Wouldn't want to stay here for extended times. $97.87 through Travelocity which turned out to be nearly $20 more than if we'd just shown up and gotten a room on the spot. Compared to similar lodgings at sister resort, Big Meadows, 9 miles away, not as good a value. Nothing kept up quite as well and service was slightly poorer at all locations (check-in, dining, grounds, room). Of the two, would definitely recommend Big Meadows.

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