Most amazing, magical place I have ever been! A review of Dragonfly Ranch - Healing Arts Center

I can't understand why people are complaining about the Dragonfly! My boyfriend and I have been to a lot of places around the world and I can honestly say that The Dragonfly is the most amazing, wonderful place either of us have ever stayed in.

We stayed at The Dragonfly for 5 nights back in September 2003 (in the Dolphin room) and it was absolutely magical - I didn't want to leave. Barbara and Hannah made us feel really welcome and like part of the family. The atmosphere here is so relaxed and Barbara can't do enough for you.

Obviously we were offered the opportunity of eating with them of an evening, but there was certainly no hard sell and as soon as we politely refused it was not bought up again.

I can't put into words how amazing this part of our trip to Hawaii was. Getting up in the morning and having a shower outside under the old Monkey Puzzle tree looking down over the bay is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. And swimming with the dolphins! Oh my God - you have to experience it to understand how amazing it is!

It specifically says on The Dragonfly website that this place is not for everyone, perhaps people should take more head of those warning before expecting an ugly sterile package holiday environment.

I personally cannot wait until we can afford to go to Hawaii and stay here again.

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