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Don't be fooled by any positive reviews of this hotel. This place is a dive. Until a few weeks ago, it was a shelter for homeless women and children, and the renovations have not done anything to improve the place. The staff are unfriendly, confused and generally incompetent. The lobby has been carefully photographed to look like a cozy boutique hotel...but photos are deceptive. One woman checking in ahead of us was crying because the experience was so bad and staff had to go check her room to make sure no one was already in there! My husband, who is a cop, swears a woman we passed on the stairs was a prostitute. Another guest had just finished repairing the elevator for the staff. The "marble" stairs were cracked and dangerous. The hallways were institutional. The room was a shoebox with vomit colored paint on the wall and windows that offer no soundproofing whatsoever. Bedding was a thin blanket and scratchy sheets on a board for a bed. While the bathroom was adequate, the shower leaked water through a glass partition that was not secure. The tiny closet had no rail in it, so we couldn't even hang up our clothes. We stayed one night, but after only two hours of sleep, called our travel agent and insisted we move to a different hotel. We then spent five wonderful nights at the Omni Berkshire. Don't try to save money. It's not worth it. And at $290 a night, the Astor was no bargain anyway.

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